No matter the project — a church, a synagogue, a mosque or community center — each religious project has its own lengthy list of considerations. That’s why strong communication is essential. Having the design and construction teams under one roof ensures each faith-based project moves forward efficiently and is delivered on-time and within the established budget.  Knowing what questions to ask is essential. How is the facility used on a daily basis? How does that usage differ on weekends and holidays? Are there educational needs? How many people does the kitchen need to support? Are their any dietary laws that must be observed? What does the future look like for your congregation? Understanding the distinct nuances associated with each center for worship and the congregations they support is what sets us apart. We frequently help the organization formulate a short and long term development plan that allows for needed expansions in logical phases needs are met without placing excess financial burden on congregants. Give us a call and let us know how we can help youth your center for worship.

Recent Religious Projects

Fellowship Alliance Chapel

Kingsway Assembly of God entry way church renovationJ

Kingsway Assembly of God Church

St. Vincent de Paul Church religious design build

St. Vincent de Paul Church

Jewish Community Center of LBI